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Thai Spring Rolls Dumpling Fried Shrimps
1. Egg Rolls(2)
Pork and Vegetables wrapped in wonton skin, deep fried.
2. Thai Spring Rolls (2)
Vegetables, ground dry peanut and chicken wrapped in crispy spring roll skin
3. Dumpling (6) (Steamed or Fried)
Steamed or fried dumplings stuffed with pork and vegetables
3A. Garlic Dumplings
Stir Fried with spicy garlic sauce
4. Crab Ragoons (6)
Fried wontons stuffed with crab meat and cream cheese, served.
5. Fried Chicken Wings (6)
5b. Lemon Pepper Wings (6)
7. Fried Shrimp (6)
Large deep shrimp, served with our sweet chili sauce
8. Hot Chicken Wings

Soup Bowls

Hot and Sour Soup Egg Drop Soup Tom Ka
9. Hot and Sour Soup
10. Egg Drop Soup
11. Wonton Soup
12. Tom Ka
Thai coconut milk soup with green chili, mushroom and chicken
13. Crispy Rice Soup
Oriental chicken broth soup with chicken, shrimp and vegetables


Thai Basil Fresh Broccoli Mongolian Thai Peanut Spicy Hunan Roast Cashew Nut Thai Red curry
Choice of: Chicken: $11.25 | Beef: $12.50 | Shrimp: $12.50
14. Thai Basil
Bell pepper, onion & fresh basil in Thai spicy brown sauce.
15. Fresh Broccoli
Chinese style with soy brown sauce.
16. Mix Vegetables
With light brown sauce.
17. Fresh Ginger
Sauteed fresh ginger onion, mushroom and snowpea in brown sauce
18. Mongolian
Mongolian soy sauce glaze with green & white onion over crispy rice noodle
19. Thai Peanut
Stir fried with green vegetables, peanut, Thai favorite chili hot sauce.
20. Spicy Hunan
Fresh broccoli, snow peas, carrot & fresh mushroom, in soy brown sauce
21. Roast Cashew Nut
Stir fried fresh green vegetable in clear sauce.
22. Hot Coconut Curry
Vietnamese coconut curry with bell peppers and onion.
24. Sweet Chili
Sauteed garlic, onion, carrot, bell pepper and snow pea in Thai style
25. Kung Pao Peanut
Stir fried onion, fresh vegetable with garlic hot spicy sauce.
26. Thai Panang Curry
Bell pepper, green bean. With a touch of coconut milk & panang curry paste.
27. Thai Red Curry
Bell Peppers, onion, snow peas, carrot in Thai red curry sauce.
28. Thai Garlic Eggplant
Stir fried with chef choice vegs, in a touch of garlic spicy Thai sauce.

Traditional Chinese

Orange Chicken
29. Sweet & Sour Chicken
30. General Tao's Chicken
31. Sesame Chicken
32. Moo Goo Gai Pan
33. Orange
Chicken: $12.50 | Beef: $12.95
34. Happy Family
35. Moo Shu Chicken or Pork
(Shrimp add $1.00)
36. Shrimp Lobster Sauce
37. Green Pepper Beef and onion


39. Mix Garden Vegetable
40. Basil Garlic Tofu
41. Vegetable Lo Mein (Chinese Noodle)
42. Vegetable Pad Thai (Thai Noodle)
43. Vegetable Fried Rice (Chinese Style)
44. Moo Shu Vegetable

Asian Fried Rice

Choice of: Chicken: $8.50 | Beef or Pork: $8.75 | Shrimp or House Fried Rice: $8.95
45. Chinese Fried Rice
Onion, carrots and egg in Chinese soy sauce.
46. Thai Fried Rice
Fresh Basil, egg, Bell Pepper and onion in Thai garlic sauce
47. Vietnamese Fried Rice
Onion carrot in spicy tomato sauce
48. Singapore Fried Rice
Egg, onion, and carrots in curry powder sauce

Noodles House
(rice not included)

Pad Thai Noodle Singapore Rice Noodle Lo Mein Noodle
Choice of: Chicken: $9.75 | Beef or Pork: $9.95 | Shrimp or House: $10.25
49. Pad Thai Noodle
Traditional Thai noodles with egg, scallion, peanut and bean sprout.
50. Singapore Rice Noodle
Traditional thin Singapore rice noodle w. basil egg, scallion, bean sprout spicy.
51. Spicy Vietnamese Noodle
Rice noodle, Vietnamese hot pepper and fresh basil.
52. Lo Mein Noodle
Traditional Chinese noodle cooked with bell pepers onion, bean sprouts and carrots.

Steam Cuisine

With Chicken: $10.95 | With Shrimp: $12.50
53. Steam Garden Vegetables
54. Steam Fresh Broccoli
55. Steam Tofu with Vegetables
Indicated Hot & Spicy

Lunch Special

(Monday – Friday 11:00 am – 3:00 pm)
Served with Egg Roll Choice of Jasmine Rice or Fried Rice
L1. Pad Thai Chicken
(Rice is Not included)
L2. Basil
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef: $7.25
L3. Broccoli
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef: $7.25
L4. Mongolian
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef: $7.25
L5. Thai Peanut
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef: $7.25
L6. Sweet & Sour Chicken
L7. Mixed Vegetable
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef: $7.25
L8. Spicy Noodle
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef: $7.25
L9. General Tso's Chicken
L10. Sesame Chicken
L11. Chicken with Cashew Nut
L12. Spicy Hunan
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef: $7.25
L14. Shrimp with Garden Vegetables
L15. Shrimp with Fresh Broccoli
L16. Basil Shrimp
L17. Spicy Hunan Shrimp
L18. Pad Thai Shrimp
Rice is Not included
L19. Spicy Noodle Shrimp
Rice is Not included
L20. Lo Mein
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef, Shrimp or House: $7.15
(Rice is Not included)
L21. Fried Rice
Chicken: $6.95 | Beef, Shrimp or House: $7.15
Chicken, Pork, Beef or Shrimp
L22. Thai Panang Curry


B1. 20 oz Botted Soda
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